Steel structure

Steel structure Main Structure Series

The steel structure is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel strusses made of steel such as steel plate, and welds, bolts, or rivets are connected between the components. For the roof, the wall with color pressure plate with insulation system, the overall building with overall light, saving construction costs, fewer materials, reasonable cost, short construction period, safe and reliable, beautiful, and civil buildings all over the world.

Steel structure Features

1, Steel structure has the self lightweight bearing capacity, good earthquake and wind resistance, effective saving of construction costs

2, Plastic superiority, good toughness, high strength, so that architectural modeling has a rich and beautiful expression

3, High percentage of factory prefabricated, low defect rate, easy installation site, construction is not affected by the season, effectively shorten the construction period.

4, Increase the use of space area, easy to transform, flexible, and convenient.

5, Building materials can be reused, in line with low-carbon, green, environmental protection,energy-saving needs.